Digital Customized Furniture Sketched in Mid Air

Would you like to become your own furniture designer? Could you roughly sketch what it is you want and how it would look? Perhaps you could draw your designs in mid air, digitally see them, and have them created into real pieces of furniture. With Front Design you could simply draw freehand with your fingers right in mid air. Your virtual sketches are presented on a digital screen and can actually become your true furniture masterpieces.

Front Design have developed a wonderful method of becoming your own Home designer. Their method combines two amazing techniques that benefit the artist in all of us. Using Motion Capture, the individual hand strokes are recorded and displayed on your computer screen. In turn, you may change, amend, and make necessary alteration to create your perfect digital furniture.

Did it come out better than you expected? Make it real then. Your drawings and sketches can become true prototypes and materialized into true, “living” home furniture.

The video below shows this unique and amazing FrontDesign technique in action.

Enjoy and start sketching your own customized digital furniture.

Thanks Dan for the link.