Wii Remote DIY Projects with Johnny Lee

The Nintendo Wii is extremely popular, and its remote is the secret weapon gaining it all its tremendous playtime. The Wii remote itself is a very sophisticated device which includes a high tech infrared camera that is more valuable and outperforms many webcams out today. Using the technology that is within the Wii remote, individuals can create some fun projects that are both low cost and amazingly innovative. Johnny Chung Lee has created some do it yourself projects and demonstrated their use, fun, and creativity. Here are three of Johnny Lee’s Projects, and the videos are simply amazing.

  • Finger Tracking with the Wii Remote:

If you have ever seen the movie Minority Report, you may recall the cool computer and hand interaction that was a main part in the film. This project lets you somewhat recreate that ability using the internal infrared camera from the Wii remote, an LED array and reflective tape. The corresponding video presents this.

  • Multi-point Interactive Whiteboard:

The Wii remote can track up to 4 sources of infrared light. By adding an IR led to the tips of up to four pens, you in fact can create an interactive whiteboard. Check the video presentation for the amazing demonstration.

  • Desktop Virtual Reality (VR) Display with Head Tracking

This is an amazing way to create a virtual display. Instead of seeing pictures as flat images, you are able to transform a display to a virtual environment. This project provides this ability by installing a head mounted sensor bar that responds to your individual movements. As before, Johnny Lee personally demonstrates this amazing hack in the respective video.

All these projects, explanations, forums and videos can be found at Johnny Chung Lee’s site with a promise of more hacks and projects to come.