Diablo 3 Fans Prefer Blizzard Version

Blizzard’s Diablo 3 is in the works and with that a lot of fan speculation about the design, gameplay and the expected hype that surrounds such an annoucement. A few screenshots were released, as to grant the Diablo 3 fans something to look forward to and immediately after, a fan decided it wasn’t good enough. The Diablo fan (or fanatic) has made some adjustments to color of those same released images, hoping to represent what Diablo 3 SHOULD in fact look like. Blizzard’s head designer fired back explaining why it couldn’t be so, and also a poll was made asking the fans which version they prefer.

With hundreds of votes on such an important issue of Diablo 3, fans spoke out and over 75% (at the time this post was published) provided their opinion siding with Blizzard. Some comments were also given, with fans explaining why the “remade” version just wouldn’t cut it and does not do Diablo 3 justice.

You can also provide your own personal opinion about on the poll: which version wuld you prefer for the final version of Diablo 3?

Images from MultiplayerBlog