The Samsung Omnia i900: a Competing All In One Touchscreen Smartphone

The Samsung Omnia, also known as the i900 is the a touchscreen cellphone aimed to be an iPhone competitor. It is a productive cellphone that provides a number of different features that many long for today, in a new release from the veteran cellular maker. This may be the all in one smartphone to answer the needs of users out there, but in a class that is parallel to the iPhone.

We all love the ability of a touchscreen, for its simplicity and easy accessibility, but some still prefer the practicality of a Qwerty keyboard. Although in many cases an onboard keyboard could mean additional bulk, the Samsung Omnia i900 has the ability of such a keyboard on the touchscreen surface. In addition, unlike many touchscreen devices out there, this smartphone includes Haptic technology, which allows the user to feel vibration as letters are pressed. It may not be completely like a regular computer keyboard, but the experience is in many times highly preferable; you are aware as you press the different keyboard letters, thus in better control of your typing and messaging.

As in many phones available, Wifi is included in the handy Samsung Omnia i900. Wireless Internet is available is most places now and having the capability to log on using your cellphone is a feature that cannot be taken for granted. In today’s world we need to be connected at a touch of a button, and the Omnia i900 provides high speed transfers and Internet browsing for your productivity needs.

While our phones are becoming more and more like our personal computers, more than a few still have the need to keep a computer for many applications. This means that although we have Internet access, we are sometimes handicapped by not having certain apps with us on the go. The Samsung Omnia i900 uses Windows Mobile 6.1, so more than a few productivity applications are also available at all times, such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint. It allows you to review and assess needed documents or files while on the way to the office or meeting.

This Samsung smartphone also provides the many fun media features we have become accustomed to, such as audio, video and a 5 Megapixel camera. By having this bundle in a convenient phone, you do not need to take additional electronic devices with you.

With a 3.2 inch screen, it is comforting to watch a TV show or a video while killing time or taking a break from work. In addition, MultiCodec is preinstalled, so when taking movies from friends and colleagues, different formats can be played back, reducing the need to convert and change media information.

Other all in one great features in the Samsung Omnia i900 is the GPS capability, so you always know a direction guide is available…just in case you need it. Moreover, as you browse the net or watch videos, the screen rotates to three of the four sides granting you the personal viewing preference. The long life battery decreases worries so as productive as the Samsung Omnia i900 is, you are able to use the features without the battery quickly dying, leaving you stranded with a brick in your hand.

The Samsung Omnia i900 is an all in one phone that provides many features we have gotten used to, additional accessibility we can get used to, and designed well so to look great and still be comfortable for daily use. It is available with either 8 or 16GB internal memory, so there is plenty of room for all the features we are so intent on using.

Via: Dial A Phone