Watch the 2008 Beijing Olympics for Free Online

You can watch the 2008 Beijing Olympics Online for free! I have looked forward to the 2008 Beijing Olympics for four years now. The Beijing Olympic games may include many political and controversial issues, but the Olympic Games alone have been a family tradition for me since I was a child; watching it with my father at the different hours available, day or night. It is a historic occasion that happens only once every four years (2 if you count the Winter Olympics) that brings together the world’s best athletes to compete for only 3 spots at each Sport event. With the Internet being available almost everywhere, we can now watch the 2008 Beijing Olympics anyplace that has Internet access. Moreover, with the free Beijing Olympics resources below, this does not cost us a dime.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics online sites listed offer videos of the games both as highlight and some also offer full footage in real-time.

1. The Official Beijing Olympics site is available in English, French, Spanish, and more.

2. You may subscribe to official 2008 Beijing Olympics videos here that include the Opening Ceremony, History of the games, Interviews and much more.

3. Many video and Sports sites have an array of channels and videos of various Beijing Olympics footage. Some great sites are: The Beijing Olympics Youtube channel, ESPN, EuroSport, and also Metacafe search results providing a great source for many Beijing Olympics sport events and more.

4. Other great options for great 2008 Beijing Olympics including stories, videos, interviews and recaps are the official NBC Olympics, BBC, and Yahoo.

If you are simply looking for additional information on the 2008 Beijing Olympics besides their official site, you can find plenty at Wikipedia and also simply jump to the official results based on Overall Metal standings, including Athletes & Teams, and also Schedule and Results.

I hope you will enjoy the 2008 Beijing Olympics as much I will, and if you know of other great online resources for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, let us know in the comments.

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