14 Cool Computer Keyboards for Geeks

Computer keyboards are peripherals partially modeled after the typewriter and designed both for the input of text and characters and also to control the operation of a computer. Keyboards can arrive in many shapes or sizes and are a very important part of the daily use at the our home or office. Moreover, the evolution of computers is incomplete without the evolution of its accessories. In recent years, we have seen that keyboards have evolved from old and bulky to new wireless or small keyboards that have become so popular. What follows is a list of 14 cool computer keyboards which are currently available in the market and every geek will long for.

1. myKey0 Keyboard

You may have a limited desk space for your organizer or your computer keyboard, and it is many times difficult to keep all your things organized on your desk. The myKeyO can be a big help as this computer keyboard is also a productive organizer if you open it up. You can store all your CDs in the cases, desk accessories, and much more in the storage compartment located underneath the keyboard itself. Besides that, the myKeyO keyboard also features backlit keys, a scroll wheel, volume control, and an integrated palm rest area.

If you love this cool computer keyboard, you can buy it for $34.95 for a wired model and a wireless version for $49.95.

2. Glider Mouse Keyboard

It may be difficult for many of us to operate this computer mouse, which is attached to the bottom of a keyboard. Sporting a central mousing surface, left/right wrist pads, and a sure-to-be-misplaced ‘glider’ that bears a striking resemblance to an air hockey striker, this keyboard is definitely weird but good looking nonetheless.

3. Customizable Keyboard

We have been trained to use the QWERTY keyboard for a while and most of us have lived with that without questioning the reasoning behind sticking with QWERTY keyboards, instead of simply trying out ACDIE keyboards.

Well, now there is a solution for those who don’t like the QWERTY keyboard layout and want their own version. This is a customizable computer keyboard which is called DX1 System. It used for gaming, software, photoshop, and preferences are fully customized for each button.

There is plenty of fun with the DX1 System, and you have to figure out your own way for a truly customized Keyboard. Get your own at ThinkGeek.com

4. DataHand Keyboard

This product is aimed for people who feel pain in their hands from typing with a traditional keyboard. Although it may help ease your pain, it still looks like a very strange keyboard many would be affraid to even put their hands on.

5. Orbitouch Keyboard

This keyboard could be a leftover from Area 51, or a prop from the set of any science fiction movie. Wonder how it works? Here’s what the manufacturer had to say: “The orbiTouch creates a keystroke when you slide the two domes into one of their eight respective positions. You type the different characters by sliding the domes to create letters and numbers. The orbiTouch also has an integrated mouse, so moving the domes gives you full mouse and keyboard capability!”

The target group for this keyboard is of course people who have limited or no motion in their fingers or hands. I can see that this one can aid many who may not even necessarily have difficulties, but its looks may be too odd for some.

6. Twiddler 2 Keyboard

The Twiddler2 is a pocket-sized mouse pointer plus a full-function keyboard in a single unit which fits neatly in either your right or left hand. The Twiddler2 plugs into PS/2 ports (USB port with the PS/2 to USB Adapter).

Combining major innovations in pointer and keyboard technology, the twiddler is a small computer keyboard designed to bring renewed enjoyment to current computer users and attract newcomers to the world of personal computing.

7. The FrogPad

The FrogPadâ„¢ mobile keypad with its innovative 20 full-size key layout is optimized around the most frequently used characters. It sets a new standard in information access with superior portability and ergonomics, global adaptability, rapid learning and ease of use. It’s unique patented keystroke algorithms enable it to be used in either right or left-hand mode and with any international language setting. You can find yours in Black or White.

8. Virtual Laser Keyboard

About the size of a small cellular phone (90 x 34 x 24 mm), the VKB enables users to type texts or e-mails as easily done with an ordinary keyboard. Imagine how easy it would be if you had a proper mobile phone, Mac Laptop, Smart Phone, Blackberry (even the new 8100, 8300, 8800), keyboard that fits right in your pocket…

As you set it at your preferred area, it shines the keyboard layout for you to have within reach. Your desk will then become your typing pad. ThinkGeek.com have these in stock.

9. SafeType Ergonomics Keyboard

If you’re seeking an ergonomic keyboard that offers something more than the standard split keyboard, then the SafeType may be the correct fit. It’s comfortable and can also be an interesting challenge.

However, if you do not have a lot of patience, for learning to type in a new manner can be frustrating, then your best bet is to stay flat and stick with a keyboard that’s a little more “common”.

10. Maltron 3D Ergonomics Keyboard

The fully ergonomic Maltron 3D fits the shape of your hands and the different lengths of fingers to reduce movement and tension. Split design eliminates wrist twist and allows a central number cluster which can be used by either right or left hand preference. A modern version is available.

11. Wrist Keyboard

Completely sealed, this small computer keyboard can operate in the rain and other harsh environments. A curved back provides a secure and comfortable placement on the wrist, and the keyboard layout is optimized to provide alphanumeric entry. Furthermore, carefully positioned arrow keys grant easy access to menu-oriented tasks.

The Wrist PC keyboard comes with an optional wrist strap to provide the capability of attaching it to your wrist without it being misplaced.

12. Roll Up Keyboard

These keyboards feature 104 keys in a standard QWERTY layout, but with a nifty twist of being the most portable keyboard seen to date; simply roll the unit up when you’re done with it!

A great tool for laptop users who miss their full-sized Keyboard when on the road, or LAN party warriors looking to lighten their load. You can get yours for only $14.99.

13. ZX Spectrum

The ZX Spectrum is a home computer released in the United Kingdom in 1982 by Sinclair Research Ltd. Originally dubbed the ZX81 Colour and ZX82, the machine was later renamed the ZX Spectrum by Sinclair to highlight the machine’s colour display, compared to the black-and-white of its predecessor, the Sinclair ZX81. It is affectionately known as the Speccy by some of its fans.

14. Bra Keyboard

Someone has invented a new innovative computer keyboard that you can actually wear! This bra keyboard has 85 keys and measures at 350mm wide and 135mm long. It has USB connection, so that you can plug-and-play the bra computer keyboard at all computers. Do you mind using this computer keyboard if a lady like in the picture is wearing it?

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  22. Haizo.

    An additional bit of information on the Sinclair Spectrum keyboard is that, on account of its grey look and cold clammy feel, it is known to owners as the ‘dead-flesh keyboard’!

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  29. The Walyou Team.

    True, the Optimus Maximus was unfortunately forgotten when this list was created. we made up for it by writing a featured post about it…giving it is own time in the spotlight.

  30. Eggbert.

    Dude, you missed the optimus maximus keyboard. It’s got tiny screens in each key. You push shift, the letters in the keys capitalize. You want the keyboard to have a background? It’ll do that to. Or, what about the Optimus Mini? It’s got three keys instead of the full set. But those keys are the same as the ones in the Optimus Maximus. Optimus Maximus is about $1000

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  35. Аркадий.

    Да уж… Ð’ некоторые жизненные моменты волосы могут шевелиться не только на голове 🙂

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  46. Uzair.

    @Jason Wallwork: Thanks for pointing it out. I will be fixed. The myKeyO is especially useful for people have a lot of Wire’s, USB stuff.
    I I had one, I would use it to store Apple Cable, Memory Card reader, USB cup warmer that I rarely use, Nokia’s Data Cable and the like stuff.

  47. Jason Wallwork.

    I *like* the first one. I also have crap that I have no place to store that’s handy. Btw, after having trouble sourcing this one, I discovered it’s “myKeyO Keyboard” not “myKey0 Keyboard as copied above”. It’s a capitalized letter ‘o’ not, a zero.

  48. Pingback: The Coolest Gadgets we missed this week - 16th August 2008 | Geeky Gadgets

  49. Uzair Post author.

    @Miles: Sorry, We couldn’t include it 🙁

    @Need a self cleaning Keyboard now: You may be disappointed to know that the girl has already been taken with the first keyboard.

  50. Need a self cleaning Keyboard now.

    I got the Bra keyboard and that girl was so hot I jizzed on my keyboard. Does she come with the keyboard. I’ll take two.

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  53. Uzair.

    Hi Everyone, thank you for your comments and interest.

    @argh & Marc C: Changed the MAC to Mac, thanks for the correction.

    @Chris: We couldn’t include everything, but thank you for sharing the GoldTouch with the rest of us.

    @Mike, Fufu & Jhzet: The Optimus has gotten so much press, just thought people wouldn’t want to read about it one additional time.

    @Mark: 🙂

    @Wardo221: there are two options for “X”

  54. Timmay.

    I do not understand why all these ‘reviews’ act as if no one ACTUALLY lives with a disability!

    These devices are not ‘weird’ and ‘strange’- they are tools that can make the difference for MANY people!

    Perhaps even you one day!

    A little awareness please.

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  56. Mike.

    Nice round up. Especially love the Speccy! One missing though…where’s the Optimus?Surely the ultimate geek keyboard?

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  59. Marc C.

    Actually “Mac” is an abbreviation of Macintosh, whereas MAC is an acronym. I presume that’s what you meant…

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