Custom Lego Sushi Combination

This is a great Custom Lego Sushi combination! I always believed that Sushi by itself is wonderful edible art which should be admired. Sometimes, after I receive a Sushi order, I have to remind myself it is actually food and not a sculpture. With these custom Lego Sushi art pieces, many would have to remember it is a sculpture and definitely not edible.

Check out this great custom Lego sushi combination at different angles and zoom. It is a wonderful tribute to the popular meal created by a popular toy.

This Lego design is just one of many, since Lego is making a heck of comeback; there are numerous Lego designs, modifications and additional toys created with these wonderful and colorful bricks. There are Lego Mindstorms that solve the rubix cube, Lego creation ideas such as a webcam or bluetooth dongle, the lego digital designer so you may create your own innovative Lego kingdoms and creations on your computer, and even Lego revisits funny Nintendo scenes as wonderful remakes.

You can see additional images of the custom Lego sushi combination at Big Daddy Nelson’s Flickr Page.

Via: Hemmy