Mp3 Players that Smell

Fed up of having only a single feature in your Mp3 player? Times have changed and now you can have a scent of your choice within your MP3 player. The Fragrant MP3 player can play music and smell good at the same time.

This fragrant music player comes in many various odors such as: chocolate, rose, lemon, strawberry, etc. The player has matching colors of the scent it comes in. Many (mostly girls) will buy this gadget for its different looks and feel, but it loses a lot of its appeal by only having 256 MB of memory, which is pretty measly in present times. I am fairly certain though that if demand requires it, storage will increase.

The scented music player can play Mp3, WAV and WMV formats. It connects to the computer using the USB 2.0 interface and has multiple, replaceable and innovative faceplates with a 3D hologram lens. It comes in three types:

  • Type A: OLED LCM
  • Type B: Matrix LCM
  • Type C: Segment LCM

Unfortunately, it does not have too many foptions to accompany it, which may hurt its consumer appeal. On the other hand, simplicity may be something that is seeked these days as well. The thing is, at least this player can smell really good, so it may be a great tool to have handy.