Worldwide Places Hit by the Blue Screen Of Death

The Blue Screen of Death has visited most of us more than just a few times. As we use our computers for office, gaming, or regular daily use, the infamous Microsoft error pops up and frustrates us again and again. This error has many different faces and falls under various categories but the outcome is the same…anger, denial, and cursing.

This recurring incident happens to beginner, intermediate, and expert tech users. We cannot avoid the BSOD and it has become an unwanted guest in our computer. These are worldwide places that were hit by the Blue Screen Of Death visiting our daily lives in public areas, which most of us depend upon. Some of the following are services, some are leisure activities, but all are really annoying.

1. The Paris in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas strip is a major tourist attraction, and the lights, noise and money rolling through keeps people coming. It is unfortunate that the Blue Screen Of Death had to appear in the Paris in Vegas bringing some bystanders down and making people blue.

‘What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas’? Not when the BSOD is involved.

2. Microsoft Error invades Piccadilly Circus

London may be a city that is innovative, continually growing and a major center of the world, but even they had to suffer and be humiliated by a Windows Error.

Rosso caught this one in Piccadilly Circus, and although this particular error is not a classic BSOD, it is a major malfunction nonetheless and deserves a top spot.

3.Video Games Arcade

So here you are walking into an arcade to replace the regular computer screen, office work and are simply looking forward to some senseless arcade spending. You come across a Fast and the Furious Arcade Game that probably charges more than a quarter to play, but something has gone array. It seems it has fallen ill thanks to a certain Operating System, and revoked your driving privileges.

You will just have to pick a different game, for this one is here no more. Oh wait, lib_rachel has noticed that the next game has also fallen to the hands of the enemy.

4. Fidelity Investments

If you have invested with Fidelity Investments and then saw a Bluish glow smiling at you outside their building, would you worry about your money?

It may not be their fault, but it is still scary that your money is placed and plagued by the same errors.

5. Airports

I have been through Prague and also Heathrow on some occasions; usually on a transfer flight. Both are busy airports and are full with travelers looking to get from point A to point B and so on.

Whether you are traveling with your own computer, using an Internet Cafe at the airport, or simply killing time before your flight, would you be worried if you saw the arrival or departure screen has fallen to a display as famous as presented?

It may be just one computer, one screen, or just a few seconds, but it may disturb more than a few wondering if it will also hit the big birds in the sky.

The third image is the cherry on top. It seems that no airports can get away from the BSOD.

6. Subways

The first image may not be the from the New York Subway, but it is a subway hit by an unfortunate decoration that works beautifully with the public transportation lighting below the ground.

The trains may try to go fast and leave this embarrassment behind, unfortunately, it was caught on camera, presenting the additional victims.

7. 2008 Beijing Olympics

It has been four years since the previous Summer Olympics, and Beijing has offered a beautiful opening ceremony as we have grown to expect. The only catch is the blue screen of death striking the bird’s nest during this particular Beijing Olympics opening ceremony.

Moreover, this incident occurred during the torch lighting, so there is a major shock value involved, granting extra downtime, frustration, and disappointment.

8. The Big Apple New York

Times Square, NY: this is a city that is full of locals, tourists and various eclectic personalities. The thing that keeps this city alive is that it practically never sleeps, so it is a bummer to see the BSOD creep up and let us in on the following secret – New York is experiencing major computer problems! Unfortunately, since NY is so popular, this was not a secret for too long.

Moreover, if you wanted to get away and use the subways, PoitNarf has noticed that you would have encountered the same crash when getting a Metro Card.

9. Fast Food Restaurants

Can we ever get away from this SOB BSOD?

Even the huge corporation of McDonald’s cannot deny the power of the Blue.

With all the health issues that surround McDonald’s food, would you consider this display beneficial for the individual by denying them their order?

10. Gas Stations

How are we supposed to get around without the gas for our cars? Is every single machine using a Windows Operating System as its foundation? iJustine has made sure to get a record of a Windows failure when attempting to get some fuel, and benrodian was also unable to fill up the tank.

With the the high prices of gas, could it possible be that the BSOD actually saved us money?

11. ATM and Parking

As expected, the Blue Screen of Death keeps infecting things that we have become dependent on besides our personal computers.

Based on james73_2007, you wouldn’t be able to use the ATM at your local mall and once you decide to leave, paying for parking was difficult for elzapp.

a Catch 22: you cannot take out cash at the mall for shopping and cannot leave the parking place to go home.

12. Microsoft Corporation…

It is pretty hilarious and fulfilling to see the Blue Screen Of Death bite the hand that feeds it. Dear ol’ Bill Gates and Microsoft cannot deny the power of the Blue just like all of us.

The video presented shows it flat out during a Windows 98 conference with Bill Gates dumbfounded and perhaps a little afraid that the student became stronger then its maker.

Do you feel bad for Bill or does a certain satisfaction creep up? Oh the sweet taste of revenge!