Hackers Target MobileMe Customers with Phishing Attacks

Apple MobileMe scam
MobileMe is an Apple service which let’s customers use a wide variety of services in concert, including websites, mail, calendars, contacts, photos, music and other Mac functions.

It seems like Apple has got a big problem on their hands which needs to be solved immediately. MobileMe has a vulnerability issue due to which it provides “phishers” with an opportunity to glean credit card and other personal information from MobileMe customers’ accounts.

Credit company ‘Card Cops’ has verified that some .Mac users are being redirected to a trading site and hackers may be taking advantage of the DNS hole, allowing them to take over a DNS address and clone it to look like the official destination.

Dan Clements, vice president of the Affinion Group, which owns Card Cops said “we confirmed this, We called some of the .Mac users found on a trading site used by the Internet underground”.

Of the 300 profiles that had their Credit Card information ripped, more than 100 had .mac addresses. This means the one in three victims of these Phishing scams is a MobileMe customer.

Clements added, “The attack looked very realistic; the graphics were well done which snared some sophisticated victims”.

Via: CNET News