Sony Launches New Colorful Portable Media Players

new sony walkman

For those among you that have not bought a Portable Media Player yet, we have got good news for you. Sony has launched the new series of Colorful Walkman Portable Media Players, which provide great practicality, portability without lacking a fashion sense.

The new Sony models are sporting a 2 inch QVGA LCD display with 262k colors and are dubbed, NWZ-E435, NWZ-E436 and NWZ-E438. All these new models have FM tuner, codec support for MP3, AAC, WMA, Linear PCM files, and a clock display. These portable media players are only 8.5mm slim and will weigh just 50 grams.

Besides the NWZ-E438, which only comes in black, there will be various color options available for each model and will be available in 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB variations. Moreover, drag and drop management will be provided for files with both iTunes as well as Windows Media Player.

These new Sony music gadgets have a battery power which is sufficient to play 1150 songs/76h 40m (48kbps), 885 songs/59h (64kbps), 440 songs/29h 20m (128kbps), 220 songs/14h 40m (256kbps), 175 songs/11h 40m (320kbps) for music. For those looking forward to watching a movie or tv show, battery life is rated 7h 10m at 384kbps video, or 4h at 768kbps video.

These Sony PMP’s are available on Sony’s New Zealand site but there is no word as to when they will be launched in other places. Pricing for these models is not available at the moment but Sony will soon provide both the prices and ability for purchase.