How To Unlock the iPhone 3G with a Sim Adapter

[Update: For the Official iPhone 3G Unlock using Yellowsn0w of the iPhone Dev Team, please see the most current post: “How To Unlock iPhone 3G with Yellowsn0w“]

[Update: to jailbreak the iPhone or iPod Touch with the Pwnage tool for version 2.0.2 or 2.0.3, you can check out – Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch]

iPhone 3G Unlocked? Am I dreaming? How can it be done? It hasn’t been very long since the iPhone 3G has been released, and with its major popularity and growing demand, also comes the bummer caused by the need to settle for the available cellphone carriers. Unless an iPhone 3G solution pops up soon, many would have to select a carrier they are not interested in, or wait until it is available throughout…the wait could take a long time. But hold on, someone may have figured out how to unlock the iPhone 3G.

The original iPhone unlock (this is one of our first posts ever!, man, what a long way we’ve made since then) was a major progress in making the phone available worldwide, and it provided it enormous growth where everyone and their dog were able to have one. Thanks to Geohot (pictured above), a certain wall was broken and it provided the belief that the unlocking of the Apple iPhone is possible. The catch: can it be done in an easier way, without major complications, installations, soldering, and such? These easier methods were created and were successful.

Based on the video below (Portuguese), there may be a new solution for the new generation to be hacked. With the help of a simple SimAdapter, the newly released iPhone 3G can be unlocked by tricking it into thinking it is used by an actual carrier.

The SimAdapter for this iPhone 3G trick is not widely available yet. As with all supply and demand, with the increasing demand for an unlocking method for the iPhone 3G, so will come the supply for these adapters.

Via: Gizmodo

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  8. I want iPhone 3G.

    Hi, I recently purchased an iPhone 3G off the wholesale market so I did not sign up for the contract. But I want to know if the site really works on IPHONE 3G-NOT IPHONE 1G-2G- I meant IPHONE 3G, the newest iphone. Does it really work.

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