Anime Girls Eyes Created with Special Contact Lenses

Anime girls have beautiful eyes that their size provide a sex appeal making the girl even better looking. If you have ever loved anime art, films, or comics, you can recreate the anime girls’ eyes with special contact lenses.

You can say that there is a cult-like backing to Anime art, probably because of a certain mysterious touch. In addition, the art is beautiful, mostly edgy and with the in depth stories and animation, it crosses a lot of lines worth crossing. So when life is imitating creative art such as in these anime contact lenses, it seems like a win win situation.

These special contact lenses are a great way of bringing fictional characters to our real life. They enlarge the pupil, providing the anime girls look that we have grown to love and gape at.

I always love it when fans recreate fictional art into everyday creations. We have seen some previous anime art that brought some of the extremely cool vehicles to life. A few other life immitating art examples are the video games scenes made with Legos and also Nintendo superimposed in the real world.

These contact lenses may be able to combine this fictional world with ours in a practical way. I haven’t personally tried the special contact lenses on, but if you interested, you can find a pair for yourself here.

Via: InventorSpot

53 thoughts on “Anime Girls Eyes Created with Special Contact Lenses

  1. Jill.

    actually, almost all taiwanese girls have eyeslke that, and u can get those anywhere = = and plus, it doesnt actualy work = =(trust me)

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  3. Hannahbanana.

    omg, i have these,
    i had to search forever to find a website to buy them off that wasn’t dodgy,
    its worth it though’
    they are sssooooooo nice,
    i have the green ones in the first picture,
    exactly the same although mine dont look quite as big as that.

    if your wondering where to get them >>> they are …

    make/brand = Dueba

    colour and style = DM 21 green ( you can get them in various colours

    cost = about £20 or $31 (but they last for 1 year)

    AVAILABLE FROM !!!!!!! …

    by the way, through experience i would say the best colours are green (THE BEST)
    , grey and brown

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  7. Anonymous.

    This trend is called ulzzang (best face)which was started in korea and spread throughout asia the contact are called circle lenese not anime lenses=)
    its so cute:D

  8. brookie.

    hahah these look freaking awsum but cant help where do i get sum ,, i hope there not fake i mean be a big diasapointement to get ripped off!!!!! mean u dnt see any cacaisian , white americans wearing them do you!! an there probally opening there eyes extra wide 4 the camera i stilll want a freaking pair thoo lol take chance i rekon!!!!!! so where can i get some?????? thats the question please e-mail meeee so i can order some n blue

  9. Bekka.

    omg i love these contact lens sooo much i would love to get a hold of them, because my bf and i both love Anime and we both think japanese women are hot sooo im trying anything to make m bf’s fantasy come true…so plz tell me where i can get some 😀 thank you

  10. Anonymous.

    ya like before … they look like normal contacts u can buy them at eye glasses store lol silly ppl

  11. Anonymous.

    First of all the girls pictured are just Japanese girls not anime girls and those are just color contact lenses. So they’re pictures… of some Japanese girls…. wearing color contact lenses. There isn’t anything “anime” about them except for the fact that they’re asian and everyone knows that life in Japan is just like a cartoon, like totally!!! Fool.

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  14. JuRmS.

    i don’t even feel like looking into those eyes. these girls look like demons i think they need to see a therapist. sheesh they got problems

    (stupid demons)

  15. それはあなたに興味を起こさせない.

    私は訳者を持ってはいけない私を言う何でも 理解しない


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