Anime Girls Eyes Created with Special Contact Lenses

Anime girls have beautiful eyes that their size provide a sex appeal making the girl even better looking. If you have ever loved anime art, films, or comics, you can recreate the anime girls’ eyes with special contact lenses.

You can say that there is a cult-like backing to Anime art, probably because of a certain mysterious touch. In addition, the art is beautiful, mostly edgy and with the in depth stories and animation, it crosses a lot of lines worth crossing. So when life is imitating creative art such as in these anime contact lenses, it seems like a win win situation.

These special contact lenses are a great way of bringing fictional characters to our real life. They enlarge the pupil, providing the anime girls look that we have grown to love and gape at.

I always love it when fans recreate fictional art into everyday creations. We have seen some previous anime art that brought some of the extremely cool vehicles to life. A few other life immitating art examples are the video games scenes made with Legos and also Nintendo superimposed in the real world.

These contact lenses may be able to combine this fictional world with ours in a practical way. I haven’t personally tried the special contact lenses on, but if you interested, you can find a pair for yourself here.

Via: InventorSpot