ABC Technology Reference Chart

ABC Technology reference chart is a great tool for our parents or friends which may not have progressed with Tech and Internet as fast as some of us have. The ABC reference touches more than a few subjects and various technological progressions in and outside of the Internet world. It could provide your loved ones a footnote in order to enter a conversation about Technology or at least begin one.

This tool is a simple ABC chart covering many popular themes, applications, sites, services and more in the Technological and Online world. It takes you through the alphabet, introducing you to sites such Facebook under the letter “F”, the Emule service under “E” but with its infamous logo not just letter, P provides the Playstation logo, and others.

The ABC Technology Reference Chart may not be the ultimate answer for many parents, but it is a cool Technology reference tool nonetheless. We could keep it above our desk (kind of like a physical bookmark) or provide it to friends as a study item. Either way, it is a cool technology chart for all of us surfing, developing, gaming, and more.

Thanks to Yoni Lindenfeld for this great picture.