The Lamest Nintendo Video Game Endings

I do not stress enough my love for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and the hours, days and years of joy it has granted me as a young child. The games were cheesy, the graphics were awful (especially to today’s standard), the controls were extremely limited (A or B), but Nintendo video games still provided an amazing time.

The thing about NES was that most owned this system. This gave us a great amount of trading choice between our Nintendo network of friends and we could always count on being able to play video games when spending the night at someone’s home.  Another way that Nintendo brought people together was the daily challenge of getting the NES video game console to actually work.

No one can deny the frustration when a game wouldn’t load, when we had to blow on the exposed chip of the game cartridge, when every single friend knew the “right” way of inserting a game in the NES to prove you wrong. On the other hand, do you remember the excitement when we finally got the game to work?

Besides all these Nintendo nostalgic experiences, many games dragged on, and we just couldn’t wait to beat the game to reach the ending. It was such a feat in more than a few games, but if you recall, the game endings didn’t amount to much.

The video below is a wonderful Nostalgic montage compiled of more than a few Nintendo game endings. After we have battled so many foes, villains, and bosses for hours and days, we are provided short, simple and extremely cheesy endings. What’s up with that? The games may not have been so thought out but they still provided a challenge and a journey, only to receive a ‘Great’, ‘Thank you so much for playing!’, or ‘You Killed Jason, but he may not be dead’.

Don’t you think we deserved better endings back then after all the work we went through?

Thanks to my friend Master of Hyrule for the video, and you can check out more cool videos at his channel.