Large LED Floor Resurrects Michael Jackson Billy Jean Video

This large LED floor is short of amazing. It provides the same action LED looking action that was created by Michael Jackson in his Billy Jean video. If you recall Billy Jean, as Michael was walking in the street, the ground beneath lit up bright and white. It was a great sight and, for the time the video was released, very creative and inspiring.

Made by Interactive Flooring designer Sensacell, a Large LED display is at the 2008 World Expo in Spain. As visitors arrive, the floor beneath them interacts by color and LED, tricking them into wanting to walk around and stay just a little bit longer.

I can just imagine that many would look at their feet during the expo and not necessarily at the demonstrations.

The video presentation is right below, the Michael Jackson Billy Jean video can be found .

Via: Gizmodo

9 thoughts on “Large LED Floor Resurrects Michael Jackson Billy Jean Video

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  6. Kevin Luo.

    Our LED video floor is used in Beijing olympic game opening ceremony, the large scroll. It is the largest LED display system which more than 3000 square meters.
    If anyone interested in this product please send mai to [email protected], I will send you some wonderful picture and our product catalog.


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