Pac Man Video Game and the Blue Ghosts: The Film

Pac Man is a top video game that has probably been played by most people you have ever ran into. It is a popular game that is still played today, referenced to, and admired by its simple yet challenging gameplay. In addition, the Blue Ghosts are amazing characters that we have grown to love and feel for. Bottom line, Pac Man is a video game that should be admired for its ability to still be respected among the games that are released today.

The Pac Man film below represents the game in a different light. It presents the Blue ghosts we have learned to love as victims. These ghosts, also known as: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde are characters which have not been given respect and are devoured by a big Yellow Circle (missing a pizza slice) known as Pac Man. Yes, that is the video game’s goal, but what about the ghosts? does no one care about their feelings, fears, and right for life?

The Blue Ghosts battle it out against the big Yellow Pac Man in this funny video game parody. Besides the cleaning goodness Pac Man provides with the Roomba Vacuum DIY, it will make you see our yellow friend in a whole different light. Be warned!

Via: Crunchgear