The Playstation 3 Update 2.42 Firmware Available, 2.43 Version Coming Soon

playstation 3 update 2.42

I know this may be a bit old, but I couldn’t help myself from writing this post. Here at Walyou we are getting rumors that the PlayStation 3 update of 2.43 firmware is going to be available for download soon.  I am going to share with you how to update your PS3 gaming console to 2.42 firmware version, so you will already know how to install the PS3 firmware 2.43 update once it is released.

First of all you should know what has been added to the Playstation 3 2.42 firmware update (even though it isn’t too much), so you can make a wise decision whether you are interested in installing it or not.

The main change in the 2.42 update is the quality of playback in some Playstation 3 format software. For example, when playing Call of Duty 4, it doesn’t say “Downloading Game Settings” as frequently as before. In addition, the XMB looks pretty much the same with this update.

If these minor changes aren’t so important, you can just wait for the upcoming 2.43 firmware update. Now, for those who chose to install the 2.42 firmware update anyways, here is how to do it.

There are a few ways to update your PS3’s firmware:

1. Download and install directly on the PlayStation 3.
2. Download the firmware update to your PC, place it on a memory stick or thumb drive to install from there, or
3. The update will be included with the newest games.

I will stick with the first and the easiest method here:

Go to the Settings menu in your PS3 and select System Update at the top. When asked how to update the firmware, select “Update Via Internet”. The Playstation 3 will automatically check for any new updates and will begin downloading the latest firmware update, in this case the 2.42.

Once the PS3 has finished downloading the firmware update, it will ask you to hit “X” on the controller to start the installation process. The system will restart and request of you to connect the controller with the USB cable and hit the “PS button”. The screen that will follow should say Firmware Update with the version number and at the bottom you will see X to start installing. Press the “X”,  agree to the “software agreement” and continue with the firmware installation. After a few moments, the 2.42 update will request of you to hit X to restart the system. Once the reboot is complete, you are now in your new PS3 2.42 firmware update.

Note: some have been facing problems after installing the update. In a few cases the PS3 stopped reading games and in others, when you enter the game, the screen goes black or it says there is an error. So, be warned.

New in PlayStation 3 Update 2.43 firmware: It seems like we will at last be able to see and check the much talked about “Life with PlayStation” in the new firmware update. Moreover, there will be a few updates for the Metal Gear Solid 4 and Grand theft Auto IV games.

In addition, there are claims that the Wi-Fi connection problems many people are complaining about will be repaired along with the FFF error shown when viewing profile which are not fully loaded. As before, regular fixes and security patches will be included, as to update your PS3 to work up to par.