The Watchmen Nite Owlship Made from Lego

Many are awaiting the Watchmen movie to finally come out and some are showing their love by wonderful Lego tributes. This great Nite Owlship replica from the Watchmen movie is a great example of a great fan that decided to make his own Watchmen movie lego art.

The link below goes into further explanation of the different angles, features and insides of the actual Watchmen Nite Owlship product. It is a great remake and design piece that proves fans are very creative artists themselves.

We have seen other great remakes and Lego designs by fans, such as the Lego Radiohead Video for House of Cards, the Funny Nintendo Scenes, and the Lego Mindstorms which combine a robot in order to solve the Rubix cube.

Props to the artist and fan!

Via: Resonably Clever

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