How to Make a Dot Matrix Business Card

Would you like to know how to make your very own Dot Matrix business card? You can take up this challenge and then have your information with a grand display for all those walking by to see.

Even with today’s technology and gadgets, the use of business cards is still a norm. It is still very simple, interactive and common to hand over your business card to someone you meet. Although we would love to have better solutions to exchange business information in the physical world other than continuing and killing trees, it is difficult to find a usable alternative.

There have been some great alternative designs to offer the information exchange we seek such as: the Interactive Animated Business Card, which shows an animated business card demo, and the Information Ring, allowing an easy exchange of information by a simple handshake.

What makes this Dot Matrix business card any different? Yes, it allows a neat way to display information with large font, but is it really practical or simply a fun diy? The video shows the business card in action, and I must admit, it seems far from practical. Take a look and tell me how wrong I am.

If you would still like to have one of your own, complete instructions are at the link below.

I am glad there are new creations and designs for such information exchange but are they really as simple and personal as giving out your own business card?

Via: Instructables