The Humongous Super Nintendo Controller

Nintendo modifications are always a pretty sight, and this amazing functioning Super Nintendo controller is up there with the best. Instead of having a second or third look, you may rest assured this SNES controller is large enough to always stay within your peripheral vision.

SCANInc have created a wonderful working (video below) replica of the Super Nintendo controller many of us have grown with (after the NES of course). The previous Giant NES Controller mod we have seen was of the original and cult classic Nintendo Entertainment System. That one was also combined with a coffee table, so you can store all the video game items and accessories within a huge controller. In addition, there is also the Rubix Cube DIY that created a functioning subwoofer in the shape of the beloved and colorful toy.

Here I was thinking that individuals are interested in miniature and small electronics only to realize that many DIY projects also like doing the exact opposite. The SNES and NES controllers are beautiful, and their functionality only adds to the mix, but would you prefer that over practicality? Would you prefer having these video game products increase in size or made more portable, such as the Dreamcast made into a portable video game console?

Via: UK Gizmodo