Mythbusters Prove Mona Lisa Smiles using a Paintball Gun

Mythbusters have amazed again, and with this Mona Lisa and Smile recreation, they certainly deserve a standing ovation! They have demonstrated an automated paintball contraption that resurrected Mona Lisa in less than a second.

Let’s not get into an art review of the Mona Lisa or Leonardo DaVinci’s paintings, influences, and designs and stick to the paintball presentation. Mythbusters have preesnted two separate demos of automated painting. In the first, they draw a smiley, and the second the Mona Lisa. It is a hell of a jump from a simple smile to such a popular work of art, but they had 1100 paintballs help the second task.

Mythbusters unveil a wonderful and large contraption that involved 1100 separate paintball barrels to perform the art project. On their call, over a thousand individual paintballs traveled 8 feet in 275 milliseconds to bring the young smiling Mona Lisa to the canvas.

The video presentation is provided below – the paintball creation is beautiful but extremely quick (less than a second), so make sure not to blink.

TGDaily Via: Crunchgear