Carry Your Music Everywhere with Reppo II Music Backpack

If the thinnest MP3 player was not intriguing enough for you to carry around in your pocket (since no one could see it and you want to show off), here is the Reppo II music backpack that will let you carry your music everywhere for everyone to see and hear it.

Cool gizmos, reppo II

Reppo II is a hardshell boombox backpack designed by Joonas Saaranen. It has integrated speakers and a high quality digital amplifier to give you and your group a musical experience that any other portable MP3 player in the market fails to provide.

This music backpack is powered by a small rechargeable battery that provides sufficient juice for hours of playback. You just need to plug in an audio source, like an iPod, and let everyone hear what you are listening to.

In addition, the Reppo II easily carries a six-pack of beer and there’s still enough room for a beach-towel and a pair of Borat-style speedos. The hard-shell backpack looks sexy, protects your valuables and shields the innards and your spare underwear from getting wet in case of an occasional summer-rain. This same Reppo II hardshell backpack is water resistant and has an ergonomic carrying system.

Reppo II has a 3.5 mm stereo-audio input with illuminated power-controls so that you may easily operate so at night. Apart from all these features, the Reppo II music backpack is lightweight, so taking all your music and more on your back everywhere you go (like snowboarding), isn’t a problem. Unfortunately, the price of the Reppo II is yet to be announced.