The USB Desk Lamp and Speaker Combo

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Ready to free some space around your room? Buy this USB Desk Lamp + Speaker USB combo which will not only save up for an additional gadget in your room but will jazz it up as well.

This USB Lamp and Speaker has nine bright LED lights that can be used to easily read the fine print as well. The speakers can be connected to an iPod, PC, MP4 and other MP3 players via the bundled cable that comes with the package.

The Desk Lamp and Speaker combo come in two colors: Green and Pink which we guess is for Boys and Girls Respectively. You can plug the combo gadget into your PC via the USB cable provided to make it use the PC power, otherwise you can keep it unplugged and use the juice from the rechargeable Li-ion battery.

The dimensions of the this USB combo are 210x123x105 mm with a weight of 145 grams. The USB Desk Lamp + Speaker combo has the regular on/off switches and a volume control including the LED indicator.

Source: Gadget4All