Self Assembly Robots Will Save Your Life

Self assembling Robots, is that a gift or a curse? Does such a process require artificial intelligence? Are humans in fact shooting themselves in the leg while creating such intelligent robotic products?

These robots presented in the video below are amazing little gadgets. They actually have been provided sufficient programming allowing them to self-assemble and grow into larger and functional robots. The vision for these little robots is to assist disaster and rescue relief by being able to build, grow and explore areas which may be difficult or dangerous for human beings to.

The process of self assembly and robotics has been visited many times, not always for rescue and dangerous situation but for simple uses as well. A previous presentation has been made for self-assembling robots by the shape shifting robots. In addition, although the robot chair may have been just an example of the abilities and not necessarily for mass market, it has provided a heck of a self assembly example in a major daily used product.

Is this kind of progress, which allows the robots to reassemble and build themselves, amazing and positive or makes you a little afraid, rethinking of the Terminator’s ‘fictional’ story?