Celebrity Look Alike Robots are Open for Conversation

These Celebrity look alike robots would love to hold a conversation with you and are not afraid of the paparazzi. Developed with a realistic look, these two robots resembling Kevin Spacey and a Wanna-be Elvis impersonator, present their interest and opinions. Both were developed by Hanson Robotics and illustrate a human-like Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Kevin Spacey Robot also known as Jules:

Consisting of advanced AI, Jules can be customized based on thought, speech, knowledge and more. In addition, the material of its face can also present facial expressions to go with the conversation.

Elvis Robot Wannabe also known as Joey Chaos:

Also able to answer questions with complete sentences, Joey Chaos robot prefers talks about his favorite music genre – Punk.

If you think the two robots remind you of someone else, please let us know who. Moreover, if you think they should create others resembling different celebs or characters, such as Miley Cyrus or a mix of Elvis with a Terminator Robot, make your recommendations.

Via: TechEBlog