Easy Face Generator Moonjee for Funny Faces and More

Would you like to edit some face or profile pictures? Would an easy face generator be great for making funny faces, happy faces, new art faces or blending pictures together? Moonjee grants these fun features at their site for anyone to edit, change, or virtually transform a face picture.

Moonjee is an easy to use website that grants different face generating options. By providing a preliminary face picture such as your profile picture, you may edit and amend it to create funny faces with different features. As you can see in their examples, one face picture was changed to look like an alien, one as an art face, and the last was given a colorful virtual makeover.

In addition, you can also blend faces together and even analyze a face for personality attractiveness. The only thing with the last option is that attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder, so what one may think is attractive another may think the opposite.

Moonjee’s service is free and open to the public. Additional features will be added soon, as well as a Halloween Face generator – maybe the latter will help you decide what to dress up as for Halloween.