10 Nintendo Characters Art Figures for NES Mike Tyson’s Punchout

I loved Nintendo’s Mike Tyson’s Punchout! That was an amazingly fun NES game that consisted of great characters, moves, and experiences. Each of the characters had their own story, fighting style and odd looks. Below are a few examples of wonderful Nintendo craft of Mike Tyson’s Punchout characters from the NES. These were made using Perler Beads and simply look great.

Artist Justin Buonvino who also provided the Nintendo 3d Art images has made these Mike Tyson’s Punchout characters himself. In addition, Steven Bates, aka Zaghrenaut also has a few rendition of the famous NES characters…some also include reactions to being punched by Little Mac.

If you never played Mike Tyson’s Punchout of the NES, or you miss it but do not have the Nintendo Entertainment System, you can play plenty of Free NES games on Firefox.

The Nintendo Characters Art will be presented in the order Little Mac encountered them in each circuit, and the match:

1. Little Mac

The hero and fighter. This newcomer has no fear and is challenging any foe that will join him in the ring. Although he lacks experience, his passion and drive help him against his experienced and harming rivals.

Minor Circuit:

2. Glass Joe

The original and preliminary challenge for Little Mac. Glass Joe, named after “Glass Jaw” has poor offense, defense, and is just a stepping stone for Mac.

3. Von Kaiser

This German Boxing veteran was a Boxing instructor at the “German Steel Machine’ but provides little challenge to the hero.

Major Circuit:

4. Don Flamenco

A smooth fighter that tries to sweet talk his way to victory. In the introduction, he dances with a rose in his mouth and seems to have a lot of charm. In the fight, on the other hand, he tries to trick Little Mac into punching him at certain times, so he may counter with his uppercut.

5. King Hippo

This is a big competitor with an even bigger weak spot, which causes embarrassment if found.

6. Bald Bull

This Turkish fighter hails from Istanbul, and has a mean uppercut. His most famous move is a bull charge, where he stands in the back of the ring, waits, and charges straight at his opponent. If Mac’s timing is off, one single uppercut can knock you right out.

World Circuit:

7. Soda Popinski

Not an easy rival, Soda is a good all-around fighter. He employs great jabs, strong uppercuts and wonderful defense, making this fighter very difficult to beat for beginners.

8. Mr. Sandman

Mr. Sandman provide a fairly difficult challenge. He is a not a newcomer to the ring, so he has great variety of moves to choose from. Whether it is his great defense, many jabs, uppercuts, or combos, a fight with the Sandman is not quick or simple.

9. Super Macho Man

A bodybuilder at heart, Macho Man likes to taunt Little Mac with various muscle flexes. He is another difficult fighter that has powerful uppercuts, easily throws in more than a few hooks, and a signature move entitled: Super Spin Punch.

Dream Bout:

10. Mr. Dream (Mike Tyson’s replacement)

Mr. Dream is Mike Tyson’s replacement in the game and revisions. Since Mike Tyson has lost his belt to Buster Douglas many years back, his contract was never renewed, and so Mr. Dream came about.

This fighter has the same moves as the original Mike Tyson character and is a very difficult boss to beat…even for advanced players.

So which of Nintendo’s Mike Tyson’s character renditions is your favorite?

[Photo credits: Justin Buonvino and Zaghrenaut]

20 thoughts on “10 Nintendo Characters Art Figures for NES Mike Tyson’s Punchout

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  4. Dudung.

    It was more than 20 years but I still remember the password to Mike Tyson. haha.


    or pistinhonda


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  12. hurplin.

    What about the Indian guy, with the turban? I remember having to fight and re-fight that guy several times. You had to block/ dodge his tiger punch like 10 times before knocking him down with one punch. What a great game.

  13. Eran Abramson.

    Hi David, Jiffy, and Iowell, thank you for your visit.

    @David: I will keep an eye out for Mario Bros.

    @Iowell: You are absolutely right, but I could not find perler bead artwork of Iron Mike.

    I searched for it over and over, but could only find the perler bead artwork of Mike Tyson’s Punchout as seen above. If I come across Tyson himself, I will add it.

  14. Eran Abramson.

    Hi Andy,

    I was wondering about that as well, but when I looked it up, it specifically mentioned this was not the reason.

    It could of course be a politically correct answer, but both events (loss to Douglas and the conviction) occurred in 1992, so either could be a sufficient answer.

  15. Andy.

    …there was also that part where Mike Tyson raped someone and was in jail for three years. I mean maybe that’s why they didn’t renew the contract?

    Just sayin’.


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