Robot Bicycle Parking Lots in Tokyo are Commuters Heaven

To solve the bicycle parking problem in Tokyo, Robotic parking lots were create to park commuters bikes quickly, safely and efficiently. With the huge population in Tokyo, there is also a huge amount of commuters, traveling and rolling on their bicycles. There are thousands and thousands of individuals who ride their bicycle to work, to the train station or simply as a cheap, practical and efficient mean of transportation in Tokyo. Since there are so many bicycles on the streets, there is an increasing need for viable parking places for these bikes. This robot garage is a wonderful creation that easily aids with the bicycle parking dilemma.

For bicycle riders, this solution could not be much simpler. For approximately $18 a month, individuals have access to this bike parking garage for an entire month. As they arrive, they place their bicycle in the intended area, swipe their member’s magnetic card, and a robot comes to take your bicycle to storage for the day (or longer).

The robot hands come pick up the bike, tag it using RFID, and store it underground with the thousands of other bikes. It has been mentioned by regular users that it usually takes approximately 10 seconds to retrieve their bicycles when returning.

This is a wonderful creation that is extremely space efficient since it is underground. While providing a great solution for commuters, it does in fact help promote commuting by creating such a practical, cheap and easy solution.

Next parking challenges are for cars: make the smart car a reality and take great parallel parking tips from a robot to be installed in real vehicles.

Via: Treehugger