How To Remote Control RC Cars Using the iPhone

Control your toy RC car using your iPhone…who thinks this stuff up? The iPhone is known to have many different applications either officially released or created by users. A few random apps are Hebrew for iPhone, iPhone desktop access, and now this remote control app to drive your RC car with your iPhone.

This Remote Control iPhone application provides 5 buttons on your iPhone. 4 of the 5 buttons control your car regularly, moving it forwards, backwards, left and right. The 5th button provides a more interactive feature, allowing you to control the RC car by tilting your iPhone in the direction you want the vehicle to drive.

This entire system works by Wifi communicating with the RC car through a computer, so distance is a factor as well as signal communication. Still, it is a great iPhone application that lets us use our daily tech toys to control our hobby toys.

Via: GadgetVenue