Footnote Helps You Remember the Dead and Loved Ones

Footnote Web Start ups

You may have seen a lot of stuff like this, but this the only time that someone has come up with an entire startup, Footnote, to help us remember the Dead. Footnote, as they say it, is the place for original historical documents.

Footnote is like a social memory book where you can upload old photos, share stories, and fill in a timeline of your friend or family member’s life and also add the map of the place where the event took place. The site claims to have 43 million images, birth and death records of various people. In addition, you are also able to connect one account with another and write about how one was related to other when they were alive.

The site has 80 million profiles automatically generated for the deceased with the help of publicly available death records. Making the data publicly available disturbed more than a few Judges, but the site’s owner said that the data they use is readily available online anyways.

Footnote has a option for searching through historical eras as well: Everything from the Early American Era, Civil War Period to World War II.

To add images or documents you will need to become a member first. Membership is either free with limited access, or has a Monthly/Yearly fee for additional access to every image available and many other features.

Footnote was a finalist at the TechCrunch50.

via TechCrunch50