Google Veterans’ Ooyala Release Powerful Backlot Analytics Application

In case you are looking for additional powerful means to analyze your user’s viewing data, the video platform Ooyala, from a few Google veterans, released Backlot Analytics. This new Analytics application allows content providers to dive deeper into their visitor’s video viewing habits and use.

Backlot Analytics allow content providing sites to see how people view their videos. Sites will now be able to see how many people actually watched the video, how much was viewed, did they rewind, fast forward and where was it done.

This kind of data allows content providers to realize what are the best spots of ad placements. If for example they realize that most do not watch the video all the way through, it would be useless to place the ad in the end.

The new version from Ooyala also opened for API to let various sites combine it with their existing platforms.

Via: Techcrunch