Keyboard Typing Made Easy with a Swipe using Swype

There have been talks about Haptic keyboard technology to help us increase our typing speed, accuracy and positive usability, but Swype offers a different solution. Instead of clicking each letter separately, simply swipe the letters in the order of the word you desire and the word is easily typed.

Swype has presented their simple application with a hands on approach. A keyboard is presented in the bottom of the screen (see video) and an individual can simply type words by swiping them each without having to key in each letter. If you wanted to write the word Walyou, you would not need to press W-A-L-Y-O-U but actually roll the stylus (or finger) on those 6 letters in order, without lifting up from the screen. When you finish a word, a space is automatic as you lift and move to the next word.

The video below shows the amazing Swype Typing in action and claims users can reach speeds of 40-50 words per minute after only few days of getting the hang of it. It is available for Windows and Windows Mobile and will soon come to the iPhone.

Via: Techcrunch