Massive Polaroids Flipbook Machine is Hand Cranked

This massive flipbook machine provides a great alternative to viewing pictures and polaroids through a photo album. Although it probably requires a lot of time to load and set up the polaroids, it is wonderful contraption which, thanks to the hand crank, enables to look at your pictures in an animated sequence at your pace.

Created by the Chase Factory, this flipbook machine is a really great project. I am not sure who still owns a Polaroid camera let alone uses it, but this flipbook is a cool use of that old technology.

Probably created as an art project only (and not a practical or simple device), I wonder how long it took to set up all the polaroids to feature in the film, which must be around a thousand or so.

The site shows the steps taken to build such a huge flipbook machine, and the different individuals involved in this amazing project. Good for them!