Pay For Web Application with Your Cellphone using Zong

Does it ever bother you to enter your credit card information or bank account for small micropayments over the web? Does the thought of the service charge included make you cringe? Zong is offering a new payment method for Web Application using your cellphone. Sounds easy enough for me.

If you ever tried to purchase something extremely cheap over the net, you are probably aware of the headache of having to go through such a Charade. I do not necessarily want to enter my credit card or even paypal info for an application that costs just 5 cents and get hit with a huge service charge. With Zong, you can make such micropayments by charging your cellphone bill.

When you make a purchase, using Zong, you can simply enter your cellphone number. You will then receive a message with a specific pin number, which you then enter into Zong’s widget. In turn, your cellphone bill will show that specific charge.

This movement to use our cellphone for micropayments is extremely practical. Whether we are at a friend’s house, away from our desk or simply want to avoid a huge service charge, with Zong’s micropayment ability, it is easy to make small purchases of Web applications.

Via: Techcrunch