Video Games History Inspired Art: 8 Bit Only

Video games art keeps creeping up, so we must follow through History and present the beautiful masterpieces created. These art pieces were inspired by historical 8 Bit video games and their many characters, worlds, and stories. While a few art inspirations are provided below, a full gallery can be seen with many different renditions, crafts, and imaginative works created. I am not sure if they were created as a tribute and love for these old classic video games or for an art project. Either way…beautiful video games art creations and the imagination are easily presented.


Some imaginative creations include the Double Dragons visit, Mario Godfather remake, Flying Mario and Duck Hunt. Many additional pictures are provided in their gallery.

If you like video games art, there are many more renditions besides these 8 Bit video games art inspirations. Some examples are: Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, which was visited by making Nintendo Characters Art of Perler beads, Real Life Nintendo scenes, 3d Nintendo Scenes and also Lego Nintendo.

The Iam8bit art show in Hollywood ended on September 7th, but many prints can be ordered online or you can email: [email protected] for more info.

Via: Albotas

Photo credit: Iam8Bit Gallery