Robot Electric Lawnmower Do It Yourself

Would you rather have someone else cut your lawn? Are you sick and tired of working in the sun cutting the grass just to have to do it again a week or two later? The RoboCut Robot Electric Lawnmower do it yourself kit may be the right solution for you.

Unlike the Electric Lawnmower concept that was designed previously, this is an actual working model that was adjusted and amended based on true feedback from homeowners. This robot electric lawnmower is compact, efficient, and adjustable to fit your personal yard needs.

The robotic lawnmower is efficiently built, so it may cut hard to reach places, so you are not bothered with any touch up jobs.

Currently available in Sweden, the RoboCut robot electric lawnmower is priced at approximately $695, which includes the full kit to get your lawn cut.

Via: HackedGadgets