Top PC Computer Case Mods

PC Computer case mods are simply so fun to look at! Individuals worldwide take time out of their personal life to build new and innovative creations for their computer cases. The designs are amazing, the effort is praised, and the creativity is completely apparent in any of the modification. The following is a selection of Top PC Computer Case Mods which help us appreciate geeks, technicians and any others who have build these wonderful artistic modifications.

1. Pink Floyd the Wall

Whether you are a Pink Floyd fan or not, this PC is a masterpiece just like the Wall album was and still considered today. It sports some amazing imagery as presented in the animated scenes in the movie, including the hammer from the hammer march added as a PC carrying handle.

The strong color used, the artwork, and lyrics all combined to provide a tribute for one of the greatest musical albums ever created and also a great looking Pink Floyd Computer.

2. Car Tires PC

Would this tire PC computer mod TechEBlog found be considered recycling? I have repeatedly heard how car tires are made of so many chemicals that when thrown out, they are extremely awful for the environment. I guess using them to make a computer case mod would result in a practical solution instead of throwing them out. In addition, it is a very creative way to house your computer and save money on gas at the same time.

3. Lego Computer

In my younger years, someone told me that Legos are like a million toys in one. In a certain sense, this is true: you can innovate, design and build your own creations just by using Lego bricks. Now if you decide to combine it with some technology, you can solve the Rubik’s cube with the Lego Mindstorms or even build a home for your computer like Slashgear showed.

Although many would consider this just as a square box and not much innovation, the video proves otherwise. The innovator has created separate areas for the various parts of the computer and definitely deserves a prize.

4. Iron Man Case Mod

Iron Man has always been a superhero but with the extreme success of the recent movie starring Robert Downey Jr., it received many different tributes. A few examples are the diy record player and another is an Ode with the Iron Man Computer with video.

This PC mod is of superhero status: it lights up, crafted to involve the Ironman’s looks and power, and is an additional way to have a different identity as you surf the net.

5. Barbecue Gaming PC

Some friends of mine love to Barbecue a few weekends a month, but they seem to always want a bigger and more innovative grill for their steaks and vegetables. The fire and coals are the same beneath the food, but the grill just doesn’t do it for them anymore. Meanwhile, the old grill is somewhere in the yard, gathering dust and cobwebs and is simply taking up space being completely useless.

This PC computer case mod Technabob presented uses an old grill that no one wants to touch, and transformed it into a gaming pc with a screen right in the hood. Some may ask why someone would create it, and I would recommend the reply of “Why not?”.

6. Raise some Hell with the Hellraiser PC case mod

The Hellraiser movies freaked me out as a kid, but the Hellraiser cube was a little short of one of the most amazing things I have ever seen; as it is rearranged, it raises evil. I could not really blame the person playing with the cube, because its design and form are simply intriguing. If such a cube came into my hands and allowed me to mess with it, changing its shape and form, I think I would raise evil just as well.

Maybe in order to avoid the terror of the real cube, this cube replica shown at Nerdcore was made in the form of a PC mod case. It gathers the mystery of the cube, edgy shape, and cold color into a wonderful computer mod. I know I love it because I am a fan, but can you really tell me you would mind having this evil cube computer on your desk?

7. Antique Stained Glass

My Mom has always professed her love for stained glass art and would prefer an art exhibition to technology any day because the latter “confuses” her. With the Internet allowing for easy browsing and a world of information, she has caught on a bit and has been using the computer on a daily basis. By combining her love for stained glass and technology, this computer case would be a definite winner at her home.

On second thought, it may cause her to stop surfing and just look at the mod with awe for the artwork from Boredstop.

8. Hand Curved Wooden PC

I have always been amazed at the time people spend on the creation of art. It takes a lot of effort and creativity just to come up with a viable idea, let alone actually hand curve an entire Wooden PC case.

This artistic Computer case mod was hand curved by Valery Zhuk and is simply a beautiful masterpiece. The thing is, when looking at it, you wonder how such an outstanding piece of art actually has electronics within it and would still connect you to the Internet.

9. Toilet PC

Is this PC from Envador full of crap? Should we even ask? Someone has to.

Why would someone create a PC in a toilet? why have it stained in a filthy way? and why oh why would you use it? I know, you caught me…”Why Not?”.

If you have an extra toilet in your backyard (or front yard) and are trying to help the environment by less consumption, I guess modding a toilet to be a PC is not a bad idea. But would you bring it in your home or keep this toilet PC outside?

10. Mic Check PC

‘Check one, check two’. This Mic PC has both practicality and a retro look that many would not mind having inside their home. Whether you have dreamed of being a famous singer, a radio disc jockey, or simply would want to build your own computer case mod, this Slipperyskip do it yourself Mic PC is outstanding. The job looks so clean and worthy of two thumbs up.

11. Can you Digg this PC?

Was the Digg PC made by someone who works for Digg, reads the popular daily links, or just a modder who wants to reach the front page?

This PC computer case mod made by ComputerChoppers in the shape of the Digg logo lights up brightly but cannot guarantee you front page popularity. The digging is still up to you.

12. R2D2 Robot PC Case mod

Star Wars fans have always been fans of R2D2, and who could blame them? R2D2 is intelligent, compact, and is not afraid of telling C3PO to F&$K Off. So if you want some inspiration, have a loyal friend at your side, or are a Star Wars collecting freak like Ciberia…this PC computer mod is one for you.

It may be different than the R2D2 projector, but it is still a very cool piece of machinery that we would love to have staring at us while we surf.

13. Microwave Computer case mod

This PC from Directron is cooking! Another old appliance in your back yard…why are you even throwing all this stuff away?

As a child, I was told many times to reduce Microwave use because of the radiation it projects, and this computer case mod grants another practical use for the major appliance.

The computer screen is the actual door we always look through checking if the food is hot, but this time it is a look into your desktop or the world wide web. Just make sure not to spend too much time on the computer, so you don’t cook your brain.

14. Satan PC is Evil

Evil is in the house!

What demented artist at PCModhouse decided to create such an evil, satanic and bloody PC case mod beats me, but they went through a lot of trouble to create a shock value for anyone trying to check their email.

Is the skull what catches your attention, the skeleton hands, or the tons and tons of blood?

Imagine walking into your roommate’s room and seeing this Satanic computer case mod sitting on his or her desk…what would be the first words to come out of your mouth?

15. Nintendo PC

The NES was an amazing video game console back in the days. Some would keep it for nostalgic reasons, some would still enjoy playing it, and some would mod it into a Nintendo PC case.

Instructables provide all the instructions of making your very own Nintendo Entertainment System pc and include images, comments and more.

This is a perfect way of combining the gaming world of Nintendo with the world of PCs.

16. the Vulcanus

The Volcanus found through looks like a mean computer case. It weighs 110 pounds and made a true blacksmith proud.

It could be that it is too heavy to be on you desk, but don’t move it alone, it is probably too heavy for you.

17. Nintendo GameCube PC

Oh the beautiful combination of the beloved Nintendo and the PC strikes again, and the PicoCube from WiiDS is an actual working PC.

Completely compact by size and shape, it brings the Nintendo GameCube together with a true PC. Who could ask for anything more?