Robot Spyplanes Used as Medical Messengers

It is great to see robots and spying used together to actually assist people in need rather than some kind of conspiracy, warfare or other negative connections. The two pictured spyplanes are actually used as medical messengers in order to provide medical supplies to places that may not be easily reached by foot.

We have seen many movies that demonstrate miniature spyplanes, robots and more cool gadgets to find classified information about the so-called enemy. One work-in-progress example is the miniature batplane sponsored by the army to do just that.

These two spyplanes are controlled by GPS or, in short distances, may be physically controlled from the ground. They have been amended to send medical supplies, blood samples, saliva, and more to hard to reach places. By pre-programmed routes, they can either automatically drop items from the air or await instructions from below. The larger spyplane of the two can carry supplies of up to 500 grams and was able to withstand wind resistance in speeds of 45mph.

By the benefit this may provide, it reminds me of the self assembly robot that is envisioned to be used to assist rescue workers by being able to climb, scale, and go to places that human beings would have difficulties to.

It is great when technology is used in means that would benefit people that are attempting to help others, whether it is in a 3rd world country, disaster areas, or other places.

Via: NewScientist