World’s Largest Universal Remote Control is a Jumbo Geek Gadget

Jumbo Universal Remote

I have always been accused of misplacing the TV Remote at home; the remote control is so small that it easily fits in my pocket. Sometimes I take it with me as I walk from room to room, leaving everyone at home searching for it. At least now I can rest assured that my other family members have a spare one with them that is too big to be misplaced, perhaps the World’s largest. Introducing the new and huge gadget for geeks: The Jumbo Universal Remote.

The World’s Largest Universal Remote Control can control your TV, VCR, DVD and satellite box. It is powered by two AA batteries and can also be used by the visually impaired, thanks to its large buttons. “The Jumbo Universal Remote is compatible with hundreds of devices, including most major brands. Simply use the remote control codes to synch the Jumbo Universal Remote with your TV and DVD player etc and you’re good to go. Grab your Jumbo Remote today – you’ll need both hands. ”

The main feature of the Jumbo Universal Remote Control are:

  • Replace your remote controls with one convenient unit.
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Huge novelty size with large squishy buttons.
  • Universal remote control for your TV, DVD and satellite box.
  • Ideal for the visually impaired.
  • Great novelty gadget.

The Zeon Jumbo remote will cost you £9.95

Gizoo via Geeky Gadgets