Yahoo Bike Takes Pics and Uploads them to Flickr

Yahoo Bike is a Cool Gadget

Yahoo has deployed a new idea of creating a bicycle with a built-in camera that can take and upload pictures of places as rider travels. The Bicycles are GPS enabled and come with camera phones that have been set to snap images automatically between time intervals, and then upload those photos to a special Flickr account that can be seen by riders in cities around the globe.

The Yahoo Bike has N95 camera phones mounted on the handlebar that are pre-equipped with meta-data for the photos in the Flickr accounts. As the Bike automatically detects that it is in motion, the camera is set up to snap pictures every 60 seconds. Moreover, the Yahoo Bicycle has solar panels which power the camera, so you need not worry about missing worthy photos because of a dead battery.

These features and the Yahoo bicycles are available in the San Francisco and New York area, and will be soon launched in Singapore, Denmark and the U.K as well.

Via: Lifehacker