Robot Legs Imitate Spring Action

These robot legs have learned how to spring to action…just like humans do. It is true that many different robots have been developed before that provide regular walking action, such as: the robot suit, the robot titans, or the Walking Coca Cola robots, but none have our special spring in their step.

This new development has been able to imitate the actual spring action that we usually do, for example, in music concerts (see video). By being able to recreate this action, we are in fact able to recycle energy and use it more efficiently, thus providing a more efficient (and human) robot. As this robot jumps, two fiberglass springs tighten and release energy, using it as human legs do.

A movement towards human-like ability is apparent in different robots and limbs created. We have the legs, the robot hands that are also able to imitate daily used hand movements, what will be next?

Via: Engadget