Always Remember Email Attachments Using Gmail Labs Forgotten Attachment Detector

Have you ever sent an email for school, business, or friends and forgot to add the attachment? Did you ever receive an email reply asking ‘what file?’, ‘where is the attachment’, or ‘you forgot to add the file’? A new feature from Gmail Labs provides a last line of defense called Forgotten Attachment Detector, so in case you do forget to add an attachment, a window will pop up asking if an attachment was supposed to be added – You will now always remember the email attachments.

For those that use Gmail for personal or business use, the Forgotten Attachment Detector comes in handy. We sometimes get so wrapped up with sending, replying, or forwarding emails that we forget the main reason of the mail. After composing a message to read just right, we forget to add the file we want the recipient to receive. When it is friends, then it is not such a big deal, but if we tried to send our Resume or a Professional Document, then it may cause us to look a little tacky, irresponsible, or careless.

Thanks to the updated Gmail Labs features, forgetting to attach documents and files could be a thing of the past. After turning on this feature, Gmail will scan your message for any clue whether you mentioned an attachment or file. If you mention so in your message, and you attempted to send the email without the attachment, a window will pop up asking if this is truly what you desire. If Gmail was right in its assessment, and you do truly need to attach some form, document, mp3 or more, you can go back and add what you wish.

This is a great productive feature from Gmail that anyone could find useful. I know that I personally have made the mistake of forgetting to add an attachment, it is rather embarrassing.

Via: Lifehacker