Terminator Movies Become a Reality with the T-800 Endoskeleton Terminator Model

The Terminator Movies said “I’ll be back!”, and this Terminator Endoskeleton model T-800 replica made sure Arnold stayed true to its word. A life-sized model of the Terminator could stand on guard in your home or office as shock value, inspiration, or someone to talk to.

The previous Terminator movies are still extremely popular today, especially with the upcoming Terminator 4 movie and its mystery. In addition, there have been different creations bringing this Saga and character back to life as an Elvis combination with a Terminator Robot or even a way to become a certain Terminator yourself with the Robotic Exoskeleton Suit.

This Terminator Endoskeleton really lives up to the model we fell in love in back in the days of Terminator 2 Judgement Day. It stands at 6 feet tall and looks intimidating as I remembered. The skull, lit eyes, and chrome body were amazingly built and may be taken apart and put together easily in case you want to
take it with you to show friends.

This Terminator creation is available for purchase at Ebay for only $19,999. An amazing collectible item for die-hard fans.

Via: GizmoWatch