Electrolux Flatshare Fridge Shares Your Bed with Roommates

Flatshare shared fridge

Stefan Buchberger took the time to develop something for the people that share the same refrigerator in a single room – perfect roommate refrigerator. Have you ever kept something for supper or a night snack only to find it missing when you were really looking forward for it? Thanks to the Electrolux Flatshare fridge, this roommate problem will never happen again.

The Electrolux Flatshare fridge consists of up to four stackable modules on top of a base station and each module can be further customized with add-ons like bottle openers or a whiteboard. With this new design, each roommate has his or her own secure and secluded refrigerator space. No more fighting about missing groceries or dirty areas with your roommates.

The Flatshare Fridge was one of nine finalists in the Electrolux Design Lab competition held earlier this year and seems like it is going to be a clear winner.

Stefan Buchberger who is from University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria said that he built the fridge because he had personal experiences of sharing a fridge with a roommate of his. He said, “there is nothing more disgusting than a dirty fridge in a shared flat.”

Electrolux Design Lab Via Form 55