Google Chrome Channel Chooser Updates to Cutting Edge Builds

Google Chrome Update News

People who prefer speed over everything else, downloaded Google Chrome and started using it right away, are now provided a new option to decide whether you want the latest cutting-edge Chrome builds or less frequent but more stable beta versions. Google gives an option for individuals to try the latest versions of its Chrome Web browser through a new Developer program.

With this new option, Google can gather all the feedback needed to iron out the bugs and add new features to their browser, making it more powerful and secure.

Chrome Program Manager, Mark Larson wrote to a mailing list, “The Dev channel lets you test the latest fixes and get access to new features as they’re being developed. We will release new builds to the Dev channel about every week so that you can preview — and provide feedback on — what’s coming in Google Chrome”.

Build 1251, the first update through the program, fixes some of the well known bugs with the Google Chrome Browser like the bug with Microsoft’s Silverlight software, tab behavior, video playback with YouTube and other Flash players, scalable vector graphics and it suppresses full-text indexing of sites accessed with encrypted web connections. It also provides users with a feature that lets users activate two developmental features – new technology for networking and for managing Chrome windows. Two switches are granted that can be set when the software boots so you decide whether you want to activate the above said developmental features or not.

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Chrome Dev Channel Via Cnet News