Arcade Cabinet Plays Every Video Game Ever

Which is your favorite: PS3, Xbox 360, or the Nintendo Wii? What about the Nintendo Game Cube, original Xbox, Sega Dreamcast, N64, Super Nintendo, the NES or even the oldie Atari? With this Arcade cabinet, you could practically have all of the above in one major video game heaven.

Created by a major video game lover, this arcade cabinet is installed with a powerful PC along with the PS3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. Moreover, it is able to play emulated games, so any available online such as the Free NES Games could be right at your fingertips.

This beautiful video game masterpiece is like a piece of heaven. With it, we would not have to choose one console over the other, but the selection of which game could be difficult. It is even more attractive since it has the actual arcade controls, along with side buttons for pinball games.

This project cost approximately $8900 (5000 Pounds) to put together and I personally think it is not a major price to pay for such enlightenment.

Overclock Via: Engadget