Car Computer Desktop Do It Yourself: Mobile Computing Project

Many manufacturers are installing what they call car computers for the productivity and daily agenda of the vehicle, but this do it yourself car computer takes a whole different perspective to mobile computing. Unlike the automobile computers to keep an eye on the car’s performance, this project is to install an actual computer PC within the car, so you have an actual desktop, monitor, drives and performance you usually would keep at home…on the go.

Dan from Zomgee has decided to take such a car computer project and install the monitor in the dashboard, along with efficient placement for the actual drives. He continues to provide the specs for the computer diy by mentioning it is AMD 6000+ 3.0 Ghz dual core processor, 500 GB hard drive, 4 GB Ram, 2 DVD RW Drives (as if one in a vehicle is not enough), Multi card reader for the music, pictures and videos, and a 17 inch monitor to bring it all home.

This car project is completely different that the car stereo installation project to deter thieves and is a huge change to the mobile computing we usually hear or read about. No need to wait for car manufacturers to provide it in their cars with a hefty price tag, no more needing to wait for your laptop to boot up, and no more dead times while waiting in you car. The bottom line of this car computer diy – have your desktop with you at all times.

Dan would definitely be able to go on long trips and have his computer with him at all times with this car computer desktop.

Thanks to Brian from Nowsourcing  for the tip!