The Magic Mirror Home Security System

Security Mirror Cool Gizmos

Need an assistant or someone to look after your house? The Magic Mirror could be exactly the security measure you need. It looks like a regular mirror but hides a 30 inch LCD display right in it. With the installed program combining CGI character named “Basil of the Mirror”, it magically alerts you of any problems around your home.

To use the Magic Mirror, you don’t need to remove your existing Security system. Instead, the Magic Mirror fully integrates a security system within it. With a collection of over 100 different messages which make you think as if “Basil” is actually monitoring your surveillance cameras, motion detectors and other security sensors, you are covered. Some of the messages it provides are:

• “Hmmm…most curious… it seems that we have a pedestrian approaching up our driveway”
• “For your information… a motor car has departed”
• “Ahh yes….. it seems the Jacuzzi is now at the selected temperature”
• “Pardon me, but isn’t it time to leave for practice”
• “It appears that a pedestrian is exiting out of our driveway”
• “Will someone please greet our guests at the door!”
• “May I inform you that the motor car garage door has just been opened”
• “Pardon me, this is merely a reminder, but the motor car garage door is still not secure”
• “Alarm! Alarm! The pool gate has been opened”

If you don’t like the default charater of the “Basil”, the company behind this Mirror (Themeaddicts Inc.) can even create a custom character for it. Otherwise, you can build a paintball security system, or even a laser home security system yourself.