Giant Lego Super Mario thanks to NextEngine 3D Scanner

A Beautiful giant Lego model of Super Mario Bros. was created using a NextEngine 3D Scanner. The original palm sized Mario is placed on the scanner’s platform, spins and provides exact data to recreate it into the huge popular Lego Nintendo Character we see here.

Whether it is using Legos or other materials we may wish, the NextEngine scanner is a great tool. The choice selected here to build a giant Mario is extremely impressive, and I hope to see additional Nintendo Characters to be placed on our lawns instead of the Gnomes so popularly used in the yard.

The fascination with Mario and Nintendo is intriguing, for individuals just cannot let go of this character or other Nintendo legends. We have seen the Super Mario Bros. theme recreated with Tesla Coils, or even with RC cars. Moreover, Nintendo game characters were also included into a new version of the classic monopoly game, a famous bloody scene starred Mario in Godfather Tribute, and even a new Super Mario game developed entitled Super Chuck Norris.

I just hope this infatuation never ends.

Via: Gizmodo